Group Medical Coverage

Stillwater Benefits works with all types of group plans. From traditional Preferred Provider Option (PPO) to qualified high deductible health plans. They have extensive experience with Health Savings Account (HSA) plans and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) as well. They understand that knowledgeable employees are more satisfied and therefore devote considerable time and effort to educating employees about how best to use their benefits.

Stillwater Benefits is appointed with all the major insurance carriers serving Washington state. This gives them two main advantages. First, they can better recommend a health plan that meets your need for quality health care access. Second, they can find you the most affordable solution for your health care needs saving you money. This means better value to you.

They’re also experts when it comes to Association Health Plans (AHPs) such as the Association of Washington Business’s HealthChoice program or Life Science Washington’s Omnitrade benefit program. These “trust or industry sponsored health plans” can save you considerably on premium. Often over 15% in premium cost.

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