Homeowners Insurance Woodinville, WA – Is All My Jewelry Covered?

Home Insurance Woodinville, WA  What do boats, trailers, and jewelry have in common?  In most states all three are covered for $3,000 under the Special Limits of liability section of most Homeowners policies.

 For example, watercraft – including their trailers, furnishings, equipment and outboard motors – are covered against damage or theft up to $3,000.  Customers who own boats with values exceeding $3,000 should consider getting a separate boat insurance policy.

 The same goes for the trailers not used for boats.  For many people who own small trailers to haul yard waste or other light loads, a $3,000 limit may be sufficient protection.  But for customers with trailers that would cost more than $3,000 to replace, adding the trailer to their auto policy will provide better protection.

 Homeowners also should evaluate the value of their jewelry from time to time.  Within your Homeowners insurance policy, under the Special Limits section, jewelry, watches, furs and precious and semi-precious stones are covered against theft for up to $3,000.  Jewelry or other valuables of greater value should be specifically Scheduled on the policy for adequate coverage. Our agents will be happy to explain the different options.

 Several other Special Limits apply to other personal property most Homeowners Insurance policies.  Generally, you can find the information under Limitations and Exclusions in the policy to determine if you are adequately protected or call our office at 800-945-4428.  Coverage varies from State to State.

 If you have any other questions about your Homeowners policy or coverage, please contact our office at 800-945-4428 or info@isgwoodinville.com