fire safety Woodinville, WA

Summer fire safety tips

At some point this summer, you will most likely use fire for something. Whether it be a camp fire, fireworks or a grill, the potential for both fun and hazards is present. We put together a few fire safety tips for using fire (and its byproducts) safely and responsibly. Fire Safety Washington: Campfires:  Make sure […]

Hail Damage Woodinville, WA

Does my home or auto insurance cover hail damage?

Spring and summer bring wonderful warm (sometimes hot) weather. With that warmer weather, the potential for thunder and hail storms increases. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the U.S. saw more than 5,450 hail related weather events in 2013. While thunderstorms may rattle your windows a bit, hail can do serious damage to your home […]

Generator Safety Woodinville, WA

Generator Safety 101

At some point during this past winter, you may have lost power and depending on for how long, you may have gone and purchased a generator. Some purchase generators for the “just-in-case” scenario, while others use them for RVing or running a small shop. Regardless of why you have a backup generator, they can be […]

Camping Woodinville, WA

Do you know these camping basics?

A camping trip is one of the great adventures a person (or family) gets to have each summer. Our area is filled with great camping spots, some nestled in the woods some near streams and lakes, but most are great for meeting new friends. Preparing for this wonderful American tradition a camping trip can be […]

Homeowners Insurance Woodinville, WA – Is All My Jewelry Covered?

What do boats, trailers, and jewelry have in common?  In most states all three are covered for $3,000 under the Special Limits of liability section of most Homeowners policies.  For example, watercraft – including their trailers, furnishings, equipment and outboard motors – are covered against damage or theft up to $3,000.  Customers who own boats […]